An Enemy of the People

By Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by Steve McLellan and Blanche Case
Directed by Blanche Case
Stage Managed by Arik Beatty


1982. Reagan is president. De Lorean Motor Company is dead. Thriller is released. And, in a small seaside town, a battle for hearts, minds, and truth is about to begin.

A brother and sister – one the town doctor, the other the town mayor – have created a beautiful seaside resort called The Baths. This medicinal spa and retreat will revitalize their struggling home town, bringing both vacationers and invalids to infuse new life and new cash into the community. But a storm is about to begin…

When Thomas Stockmann, a stubbornly idealistic man, makes a terrible discovery about The Baths, he immediately seeks to bring it to the public’s attention. But Peggy, his sister, sees the costs to a community only just beginning to drag itself out of recession. Thus begins a battle that spills far past sibling rivalry to cover the entire town, as a man fighting for truth and honor finds himself labeled “an enemy of the people”.


You may have noticed the vitriol and partisanship running rampant throughout both our political process and our social discourse. From fact checks for politicians to climate change deniers to the battles over vaccinations, the battle between truth and “the greater good” can be seen in almost every arena.

When Henrik Ibsen wrote An Enemy of the People in 1882, he was pointing out the exact same problems. Political insincerity, mob mentality, the demonizing of man saying something we don’t want to hear – these are all issues that are just as present in 2012 as they were in 1882. With our current presidential elections as the lead-up to the production, Four Frogs is incredibly excited to explore this play in a more modern period, and to see just how easily our audience relates to the themes it contains.

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An Enemy of the People
 performed at 95 Empire St. in Providence, RI. Performances took place on:

Friday, November 30th at 7pm
Saturday, December 1st at 2pm
Saturday, December 1st at 7pm
Sunday , Dcember 2nd at 2pm

All performances of An Enemy of the People were Pay What You Want!

A staged reading of the play, produced in conjunction with Hamilton House, featured the cast of our fully staged production. The reading took place at Hamilton House (276 Angell Street) on Friday, November 2nd at 6pm.

Cast, Crew, etc.

Dr. Thomas Stockmann, David Pizzelli
Mrs. Katherine Stockmann, Carlen Adler
Petra Stockmann, Blanche Case
Peggy Stockmann, Paula Prendergast
Hovstad, Arik Beatty
Billing, Aaron Weininger
Aslaksen, Gene Spector
Captain Horster, Gregory Paul
Morten Kiil, Amanda Grossi

Lighting Design by Steve McLellan
Costume Design by Carlen Adler
Props Design by Amanda Grossi
Production Management by Rebecca Maxfield

Electrician, Mel Medeiros; Poster Design, Laura Duclos; Photographer, Jeffrey Stolzberg; Marketing, Amanda Grossi; Video Editor, Sam Eilertsen; Board Op, Ellen Edwartoski

Special Thanks

Hamilton House, Hamilton House, Trinity Repertory Company, Triboro Youth Theatre, Ellen Edwartoski, Dave Pizzeli, Steve Grossi, All of the cast & crew!

Kickstarter Donors:
Jonathan Waugh, Bruce E Kappel, Dan Hernandez, Abbie M. Popa, Barbara A Gianola, Ethan Cecchetti, Sam Eilertsen, Carissa Hill, Daniel Byers, K. Adam White, Peter el Dio, Carlen Adler, Joey Brunelle, EA Nesi, Dave, Samantha M, Julia Krol, Jono Spiro, Eva Anderson, Lucy Walker, Dawn Adamo Fox, Anonymous (17)