Fuzzy Numbers

Our entry into the 2014 Providence 48 Hour Film Project!
48HFP Providence Winner: Best Cinematography & Audience Choice (Group C)

Produced by Arik Beatty, Amanda Grossi, Steve McLellan, and Blanche Case
Directed by Sam Eilertsen
Cinematography by Will Vinci
Screenplay by Joe Firicano, Steve McLellan, William Mekrut, Susan Reenan
Edited by Sam Eilertsen, Jeremy Kuhn, Will Vinci, Justin Wilder
Music by Larry Hong

David, C.T. Larsen
Andrew, Jonathan Fisher
Donna, Amanda Grossi
Sarah, Blanche Case
Dolores, Joan Batting
Mildred, Milly Massey
Glenn, Joe Firicano
Investor, Stephanie Caress
Livingston, Dave Pizzelli
Police, Richard Ellis and Justin Wilder
Office Workers, Stephanie Caress and Jeremy Kuhn

Unit Production Manager, Amanda Grossi
1st Assistant Director, Arik Beatty
2nd Assistant Director, Jeremy Kuhn
Gaffer, Steve McLellan
1st Assistant Camera, Danielle Darling
2nd Assistant Camera, Kent Smith
Stills Photographer, Jeffrey Stolzberg
Sound Mixer, Jonathan Waugh
Costume Designer, Milly Massey
Props Coordinator, Rebecca Maxfield
Production Assistants, Richard Ellis and Carissa Hill
Digital Imaging Technician, Justin Wilder
Sound Designer, Stephanie Caress
Craft Services Coordinator, Amanda Grossi

The Grossi and Gianola Families
Lombardi’s 1025

Special Thanks

Gene Spector, Joan & Bob Batting, Susan Reenan, Jon Waugh, Jeffrey Stolzberg, Carol & David Lombardi, United Way of Rhode Island, Carissa Hill, Stephanie Caress, Dave Pizelli, Milly Massey, Sam Eilertsen, Daniel Byers, Marie Retlev, Hamilton House, The Gamm Theatre, All of the cast and crew