The Good Never Dice

Our entry into the 2013 Providence 48 Hour Film Project!
48HFP Providence Winner: Best Costumes

Produced by Arik Beatty, Amanda Grossi, Steve McLellan, and Blanche Case
Written by Steve McLellan and Gene Spector
Directed by Arik Beatty
Cinematography by Will Vinci
Edited by Justin Wilder, Will Vinci, and Matt Prince
Music by Larry Hong

Kyle, Aaron Weininger
Malcom, Steve McLellan
Sarah, Emily Gamage
Hans, Gene Spector
Buck, Dave Pizzelli
Phil, Ben Jones
Kitty, Joan Batting
Read Feather,Arik Beatty
Kitty’s Girls, Carissa Hill, Milly Romanzi, Blanche Case, Ellen Edwartoski
Bartender, Bob Batting
Horse, Stellar

Production Designers, Blanche Case, Steve McLellan, Amanda Grossi, Ellen Edwartoski
Costume Designer, Milly Romanzi
Props Master, Ellen Edwartoski
Hair and Makeup, Emily Gamage, Milly Romanzi
Sound Designers, Aaron Weininger, Matt Prince
Gaffer, Steve McLellan
Second Camera Operator, Jonathan Waugh
GoPro Camera Operator, Jeffrey Stolzberg
Camera Assistants, Matt Prince, Jonathan Waugh, Jeffrey Stozlberg
DIT, Matt Prince
Still Photographer, Jeffrey Stolzberg
Sound Mixers, Jonathan Waugh, Arik Beatty, Justin Wilder
Boom Operators, Jonathan Waugh, Justin Wilder, Arik Beatty, Jeffrey Stolzberg
Line Producer, Blanche Case
Production Managers, Amanda Grossi, Blanche Case
Fight Choreographer, Carissa Hill
Animal Handler, Gini Laffey
Location Managers, Amanda Grossi, Blanche Case, Steve McLellan
Production Assistants, Aaron Weininger, Milly Romanzi, Ellen Edwartoski
Craft Services Coordinator, Amanda Grossi

Special Thanks

Joan & Bob Batting, Gini Laffey, Gideon Parker, Kathy Darwoski, and Greenlock Theraputic Riding Stable, Hamilton House, Stephen Grossi, Jeanie Grossi, Pat and Billy Grossi, Jon Waugh, Justin Wilder, Milly Romanzi, Ellen Edwartoski, Andrew Ferry, Trinity Repertory Company, Carissa Hill, Jeff Stolzberg, Jeremy Kuhn, Dave Pizzelli, The Gamm Theatre, Catherine Teitz, Gene Spector, Matt Prince, Emily Gamage, All of the cast and crew