Titus Andronicus

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Arik Beatty 

One of Shakespeare’s earliest plays, Titus is often cast aside as a lesser work. The play is bloody, crude, and ridiculous. It is a play of extremes, and is, at times, a little melodramatic (perhaps that is an understatement). However, with a little digging around, amidst the rape, be-handing, be-heading, cutting out of tongues, murder, baking people into pies, you’ll find a very curious thing: love. Love is a very powerful force that can bring happiness, joy, fulfillment; and also incredible sadness, pain, and a touch of insanity.

Traditionally, this play is done with a cast of 20-50 people, all of them male (with the exception of two major and one minor characters). We want to take that notion and turn it on its head. We want to explore that fine line between comedy and drama and that strange feeling when you’re caught in between. Our focus in this production is to explore the relationships between characters, the love they share, and how that love brings them to do the incredibly violent, insane acts they commit.

November 17 – 19th @ 7pm
November 20th @ 2pm

at 95 Empire St., home to the Perishable Theatre

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Cast, Crew, etc.

CAST (in alphabetical order)
Blanche Case; Titus Andronicus
Ellen Edwartoski; Marcus, Mutius, Alarbus
Angella Lynsey Ford; Aaron
Amanda Grossi; Bassianus, Chiron, Quintus, Aemilius
Francesca Montanile; Lavinia, Lucius
Paula Prendergast; Satruninus, Demetrius, Martius
Michelle Snyder; Tamora, Young Lucius, Nurse

Arik Beatty; Director, Producer
Michelle Snyder; Producer
Steve McLellan; Lighting Designer
Amanda Grossi; Props & Puppet Designer
Lorraine Rhoden; Master Electrician
Chee-Heng Yeong; Light Board Operator
Sierra Barter; Marketing Consultant
Laura Duclos; Poster Designer
Jeff Stolzberg; Photographer

David Beatty, Amanda Grossi, Olivia Harding, Nicole Damari and The Shakespeare on the Green board at Brown University, Steve Grossi, Paul Kochanek and WaterFire Providence, Chee-Heng Yeong, Jeff Stolzberg, Alex Brinckerhoff